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Welcome to the En Motion world of E-dollar Currency!
Start your dance journey with us by first exchanging your SGD to our E-dollars at a great discounted rate
(You may also choose to pay the actual amount in SGD rate for your courses but why pay for more than what you should? Get your E-dollars)

Items you can paid for with E-dollars
– Dance Courses
– Open Classes
– Practica or Social Night
– Parties and Event tickets

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E-dollar Exchange Rate table
Types of Package Pay FREE Receive (Original) Receive
(X’mas Promo)
Package 1 $149 E$11 E$160 E$180
Package 2 $199 E$31 E$230 E$260
Package 3 $319 E$71 E$390 E$430
Package 4 $699 E$201 E$900 E$990
  • Each package has 6 months validity from date of purchase
  • Each package can only be used by 1 user
  • The balance of your E-dollars are deposited in your own personal online account – Ewallet where you can use it to purchase future classes

How to purchase?

1. Make your pre-payment via Paypal/ or PayNow/Paylah via the UEN codes below to purchase your E-dollars
2. Whatsapp to 91597811 the Screenshot of your payment


Each course duration is 4 sessions of 1.5hr (total 6hrs)
You may also join in for one session at E$40/1.5hr class

Intro Courses
(for total beginners)
Salsa Level 1 E$110
Bachata Level 1 E$110
Beginner Courses
(for dancers with some Latin partner experiences)
Salsa Level 2 E$120
Bachata Level 2 E$120
Salsa Intermediate Courses
(for dancers who have completed Salsa level 2)
Salsa 3A (Romantica Style) E$130
Salsa 3B (Moderna Style) E$130
Salsa 3C (Cuban Style) E$130
Bachata Intermediate Courses
(for dancers who have completed Bachata level 2)
Bachata 3A (R&B Style) E$130
Bachata 3B (Sensual Style) E$130
Bachata 3C (Modern Style) E$130
Mambo Intermediate Courses
(for dancers who have completed Salsa Level 3)
Mambo Intensive 1 E$140
Mambo Intensive 2 E$140

How to choose the most IDEAL packages for Beginners?

Single Dance (Pick either Salsa or Bachata)
Options No. of Lessons Usual Fees Exchange
E-dollars Package 
Cost Saved
Level 1 & 2 of either Salsa or Bachata 8 lessons E$230 $199 $31
Level 3A, 3B, 3C of either Salsa or Bachata 12 lessons E$390 $319 $71
Two types of Dance (Salsa and Bachata)
Package Name No. of Lessons Usual Fees Exchange
E-dollars Package 
Cost Saved
Salsa Level 1 and
Bachata Level 1
8 lessons $220 $199 $21 + E$10 bonus

– Package holders are to register for their next course online


After attending our dance courses, you can now head to our fun and exciting Open classes!
Each open class focuses on different concepts, techniques, movements or choreographies.
This is our most enjoyable and popular option for Intermediate dancers!

(Click HERE to view detailed schedule)