Welcome to the En Motion world of E-dollar Currency! For the convenience of all EM students, almost everything in En Motion can be paid by our new currency E-dollars!
Payable items include
– Dance Courses*
– Open Classes
– Practica or Social Night
– Parties and Event tickets

Check out the attractive exchange rate now!

E-dollar Exchange Rate table
Types of Package Pay FREE Receive
Package 1 $149 E$11 E$160
Package 2 $199 E$31 E$230
Package 3 $319 E$71 E$390
Package 4 $699 E$201 E$900

In order for us to transit to this new system smoothly, please note the following timeline of implementation

1) From now till 31st Jan 2021, you can still purchase the current E-dollar package
2) With effect from 1st Feb 2021, the new E-dollar exchange rate will be implemented
3) Usage of E-dollars for DANCE COURSES* will only commence from 1st March 2021