Welcome to the En Motion world of E-dollar Currency! For the convenience of all EM students, almost everything in En Motion can be paid by our new currency E-dollars!
Payable items include
– Dance Courses*
– Open Classes
– Practica or Social Night
– Parties and Event tickets

E-dollars + corresponding perks are also valid 6 months from purchase date!

E-dollar Promotion Packages
Our Promotion Packages What you will receive?* Average Fee per hour*
VALUE package
– $169 for E180
Up to 10 hours of classes Up to $16.90/hr
PREMIER package
– $209 for E240 
Up to 13 hours of classes Up to $16.08/hr
DELUXE package
– $339 for E400 + 4 parties
Up to 22 hours of classes
+ 4 parties**
Up to $15.41/hr
– $799 for E1000 + 8 parties
Up to 55 hours of classes
+ 8 parties**
Up to $14.53/hr
VIP package
– $1299 for E1650 + 12 parties
Up to 92 hours of classes
+ 12 parties**
Up to $14.12/hr

**Subject to fees in different levels and genres
**Social Night Parties Perks require 3 working days to process
– they cannot be utilised on the same day as (nor on the next day from) the E-dollar package purchase.

How to purchase?

1. Purchase within your Flavor app! (Creating a Flavor Account for the first time? Fill out the form HERE and we’ll help!)

*E-dollars purchased via Packages are unique to individual accounts and are non-transferrable