Welcome to the En Motion world of E-dollar Currency! For the convenience of all EM students, almost everything in En Motion can be paid by our new currency E-dollars!
Payable items include
– Dance Courses*
– Open Classes
– Practica or Social Night
– Parties and Event tickets

E-dollar Exchange Rate table (Starting 1st Feb 2022) 
Types of Package Pay Receive
Package 1 $169 E$180
Package 2 $209 E$240
Package 3 $339 E$400
Package 4 $799 E$1000
Package 5 $1299 E$1650

Check out the attractive exchange rate now!

How to purchase?

1. Make your pre-payment via Paypal/ or PayNow/Paylah via the UEN codes below to purchase your E-dollars
2. Whatsapp to 91597811 the Screenshot of your payment

3. Purchase within your Flavor app! (Creating a Flavor Account for the first time? Fill out the form HERE and we’ll help!)

*E-dollars purchased via Packages are unique to individual accounts and are non-transferrable