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Salsa dance is a form of street dance that has its roots in the Caribbean (especially in Cuba and Puerto Rico), Latin, North America and Africa.

The dance originated through the mixture of Mambo, Danzón, Guaguancó, Cuban Son, and other typical Cuban dance forms.

Today, the most prominent forms of salsa are LA, New York, Cuban, Colombian, and Puerto Rican.

Salsa can be danced solo or with a partner though it is usually the latter. As a social dance, improvisation and spontaneity are always present.

Just like the sauce, salsa is hot, spicy, sometimes flirty and most importantly, fun!


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Bachata dance originated in the countryside and rural neighbourhoods of the Dominican Republic. Characterized by themes of romance, especially that of heartbreak and sadness, the genre used to be known as amargue (“bitterness,” or “bitter music”) until the term Bachata became popular.  Today, it is a very beautiful, sensual and romantic form of social dance!

En Motion Bachata 

At En Motion, we teach both open and close hold styles in our classes. Particularly, we incorporated a unique close-embrace hip leading technique where the connection of hips and body isolation movements are infused into the dance. This ensures control over both weight transfer and hip movement which helps in ensuring synchronization of movements for both males and females.

We have infused elements of many other different dance forms such as Modern, Sensual, Hip Hop and so on, into our syllabus. We also share our interpretation of different Bachata songs in a beautiful and artistic manner so that the dance may be felt even more deeply.

Afro Cuban Fusion

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Afro-Cuban dance is a total body movement class that incorporates Rumba, Son, Palo and Orisha dances.

Afro was deemed as the roots and fundamentals of Salsa and is widely infused into the Salsa steps we dance today.

Learn how to take your body movement to another level while dancing to the rhythms of Cuban music fused with African drums.

En Motion instructors are privileged to have received special training in Cuba and Italy from great Afro-Cuban maestros like Alberto Valdes, Maykel Fonts, Chiquito, Fernando Sosa, Antonio & Jasmina Berardi and Silvio (in Cuba).

We aim to bring to our students some of the best and most authentic African Dance arts. Be prepared to work on full body isolation from head, shoulders, rib-cage, hip to knees.


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Mambo is heaven’s gift to music: a high-energy, Cuban style with an infectious rhythm. Named “Mambo”, meaning “Shake it”

This Latin dance originated from Cuba and was developed in the 1940s when a music genre of the same name grew in popularity throughout Latin America.

It was popularized in New York and often affectionally called “Salsa on 2”, “Mambo on 2” or “Modern Mambo”.

Mambo may look and feel similar to Salsa, but this dance is in a completely different count system! Come and experience the passion and fun of dancing the Mambo with En Motion!


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Reggaeton dance originated from Puerto Rico and is like a Latin hip hop dance! This hot Latin solo dance has its roots in hip-hop, salsa and reggae which requires a spicy mix of sensual moves and supreme confidence.

Dance to the great hits by Daddy Yankee, Pitbull and Shakira! Expect loads of fun and sexy hips and body roll!

Ladies Latin Solo

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Join our immensely popular Bachata Ladies Latin Solo classes!

This is an exclusively Ladies Only class that focuses on Latin solo dances to Bachata, Salsa, Cha Cha or Reggaeton music. 
We have classes catered for Ladies with no dance background all the way to the Intermediate/Advanced level!