Trial Salsa Bachata Class | En Motion Dance School Singapore

Join us for a fun trial session on either a weekday or weekend slots. These classes are designed for both total beginners who have never tried dancing before or dancers who have background. If you are uncertain on which class to go to, join in our Trial dance day to decide on which is your preferred dance or you might end up liking both too. For $20, you can enjoy both Salsa and Bachata dance classes (40min each) taught by professionally trained dance instructors! Furthermore, if you sign up for our actual course, the $20 will be rebate back to you. Check out our available dates now. (Reminder to sign up early as Trial classes are usually full) - Limited to 16 participants - Compulsory to wear mask at all times - Compulsory to wear gloves when partnering - Safe distancing in Studio - 10-min interval between classes How to Sign Up 1. Register for your trial class now. 2. Make your pre-payment via Paypal/PayNow/PayLah(98211744) to confirm your placement today (at least 4hrs before class). 3. Once class hits minimum confirmed participants (1st-confirmed-1st-served), you will receive a confirmation via En Motion's whatsapp. 4. Let's dance safely together!

TRIAL DANCE DAY - 28th Nov / 2nd Dec/ 3rd Dec

Intro to Salsa Partnerwork & Intro to Bachata Partnerwork
Sat 28th Nov
12.00pm - 1.20pm
Nick & Vivi

Only 1 slot 

REGISTER Payment to confirm placement

Intro to Salsa Partnerwork & Intro to Bachata Partnerwork
Wed 2nd Dec
7.30pm - 8.55pm
Jax & Yeow

Last 3 Male slot (Female FULL)

REGISTER  Payment to confirm placement

Intro to Salsa Partnerwork & Intro to Bachata Partnerwork
Thur 3rd Dec
7.30pm - 8.55pm
Joshua & Angela

Only 2 Male slot (Female FULL)

REGISTER Payment to confirm placement

All classes subject to changes.

Classes are catered for adults, though we occasionally have kids in class. We teach you the dances so that you can dance socially in the ballrooms, dance studios, or in the Latin clubs.

Click HERE for the directions to our studio

Rules & Regulations:

1. Places in class will only be confirmed through payment.
2. Classes are non-transferable.
3. Fees paid are non-refundable.
4. Repeating Member students must register for the class before hand.
5. En Motion reserves the right to cancel/ postpone classes if participation is less than optimal.


Payment Method:
Click HERE
Cash & NETs payment at our Dance Studio
(Please inform us before coming, thanks)
Bank Transfer to POSB saving 121-57414-4
Bank code: 7171 Branch: 081
(Please send a SMS to 91597811 after the transfer and remember to keep the receipt)

Any attire that’s comfortable and allow your limbs to move freely.
Preferably light work out gym or exercise attire.

Male: Covered Shoes, Sneakers, Jazz shoe (NO FLIP FLOPS)
Female: Heels that have ankle straps. Sneakers, Jazz shoe (NO FLIP FLOPS)

Our predominant styles of dance are On 1 LA Salsa (of cuban origin), Bachata (originating from The Dominican Republic), and Brazilian Zouk Lambada. Other forms of  Street Latin dances include, Raggaeton, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Street Cha Cha Cha, Afro Cuban movement etc.