En Motion Dancer Training Program

En Motion Dancer Training & Scholarship Program 2020

Do you aspire to perform in an overseas International dance festival? Have you dream of becoming a dance instructor?
Here’s your chance!
En Motion is looking to GROOM aspiring dancers who wish to pursue a career in dance (Full or Part-time are welcome) or any dancers who have the heart and commitment to grow and be better!
For this prestigious 6 weeks Street Latin Dancer Program, we will for the first time,  award an 8 months dance scholarship to new talents who excel during the 6 weeks program!
Dancers of all genres are welcome to explore this program!

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What do you achieved in this 6 weeks?
For aspiring dancers, join us for this program and undergo a 6-week structured training that is exclusively planned and conducted by our Artistic Director of En Motion, Mr Gary Foo (with the assistance of his senior trainers). Be assured that you will walk out as a better dancer after the 6-week program.

More about our Director, Gary Foo

General Training includes:

– Dance Fitness Conditioning (Push up, crunches, planks, jumps etc)
– Basic Body Conditioning (Body isolation, exercises that improve strength and speed, etc)
– Stretching
– Techniques for Body Movement, Spins, Turns and Partnerwork
(You may refer to the training content below for reference)

– You will be taught a fusion routine (Salsa, Bachata, Afro & Reggaeton)  to be showcased on your final training (graduation day).

Training Content:
Week 1 – Street Latin technique I – focusing on body movements and footwork
Week 2 – Street Latin technique II – focusing on spins & turns
Week 3 – Groovy Movement – Bachata
Week 4 – Fast Footwork – Salsa
Week 5 – Power Body Control – Afro-Reggaeton
Week 6 – Presentation of graduation routine

Basic Commitment:

Every Sunday
23 Feb, 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Mar
4.00pm – 6.00pm

What will you receive?
– A report card that reviews your performance over the 6 weeks
– A Certificate of Participation
– For dancers who excel during the program, you will be awarded an 8 months Scholarship program

What will you received in this 8 months Scholarship?
– Free entry to all in-house En Motion classes (not including external instructor’s workshops)
– 64 hr technique and dance training (Every Sunday)
– 16 hr Instructor Training program (Every Sunday)

– To fulfill min 80% attendance for the technique and instructor training
– To clock 20 hours of dance classes monthly in En Motion
– To assist in 20 hours of administration assistance for studio duties monthly

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FINAL 6 slots left