En Motion New Updates - 27th July 2020

Dear En Motion Students,

En Motion wishes to say a massive thank you to all of our supporters who have helped to make our work possible during this difficult time. We appreciate all the kind gestures and words from many of you.

In view of the current COVID19 situation, En Motion needs to abide by the safety regulations, in accordance with the government advisory. Hence, many of our operations are affected and we have to make some involuntary changes in order to operate and survive in this business.

We understand that this may inconvenience many of our students. Thus, En Motion sincerely apologise and seek for your kind understanding as we adapt to the new norm. The following are the major changes to our system with effect from 30th July 2020.

1) En Motion Open Classes 

Open class fee is adjusted to a standard rate of 20 e-dollars (E20).
The new system will operate as follow:-

Open Class
Single Class
Package 1
Package 2
Package 3

For existing open class package holders, your remaining credits have been adjusted to numerical e-dollar amounts and input into your En Motion e-wallet. We will follow up with you via whatsapp/sms to notify you on your current e-wallet balance. Do give us some time to get back to you.

2) En Motion Refresher Option

Due to the limited capacity of participants we can accept, we regret to inform that free refresher options will no longer be available.

As a compensation to our existing students with valid membership, we will be crediting e-dollars into your En Motion e-wallet based on E10 per month of your remaining membership. You may utilise the e-wallet money to attend any Open Classes.

We also understand that many of our students enjoy revising our syllabus courses. Hence, we are opening an option of Revision Class at E20 per class, subjected to class availability. Students with the above compensation may utilise the credits for revision class too.


3) Revamping of En Motion Courses

  1. We have classified our Fundamental courses from Level 1 to Level 3, helping our students to understand their dance progress.

Level 1 – Intro
Level 2 – Beginner
Level 3 – Beginner-Intermediate

Salsa 3A Romantica, 3B Moderna, 3C Cuban
Bachata 3A R&B, 3B Sensual, 3C Moderna.

Students are highly encouraged to attend Open Classes concurrently to learn more dance vocabulary and different variations.

  1. Level 4 courses have been discontinued.

For existing Level 4 package holders (with valid membership) who have yet to complete your course(s), we will follow up with you via whatsapp/sms for compensation. Do give us some time to get back to you. Thank you for your understanding.


4) Updates on En Motion Membership and Open Class Package Holders

As per our official notice via whatsapp group on 17th June 2020:
En Motion has extended the above to 1 month plus the number of months affected till group partner work classes resume.

As partner work classes are resuming on 30th July 2020, applicable students will receive a total of 5 months extension.


En Motion and her instructors would like to thank you once again for your unwavering support in this difficult period. We promise to continue to push boundaries, create new works and evolve our En Motion dance styles to bring you more fun and excitement, helping you to achieve your personal goals.


Yours sincerely

Gary Foo
En Motion Dance School LLP