Bachata Salsa Fusion Performance Project | En Motion Dance School

One of the most popular Performance Team Course in town, which received overwhelming applications and long wait list every year. En Motion Dance School is conducting its popular Performance Team Training Course again!
If you are looking for:
– the fastest way to improve your Latin dances and taking your skills to a new level
– the experience to don a dazzling costume and putting up a good show on stage for your peers
This is definitely the course you must join!
–Bachata level 2 and above at En Motion or equivalent level at other studios*
Train by our talented instructors who have won numerous accolades, Jax Tan (The Dance Floor finalists), En Motion will be recruiting our Bachata Sensual Performance team to perform at the En Motion 14th Anniversary Party 2019!
The project will span across 12 weeks with a total of 30 training hours and will cover the followings:
– En Motion Dancer Conditioning Exercises – Warm up, Stretching, Dance muscles strengthening exercises
– Fundamental of Body Movements, Hand Styling and Basic Steps
– Spins and Traveling Turns in Partnerwork
– Solo and Partnerwork with Styling
– Dips and Tricks
– Showmanship, Posture, Body Lines and Stage Presence in Performance
– A Brand New Set of Choreography
*Students who excelled during training will also be invited to join En Motion Junior Dance Crew!
Course Details
Date: 12th May 2019 – 28th July 2019, Every Sunday
Duration: 12-weeks (30hrs)
Time: 4.00pm – 6.30pm
Trainers: Jax & Angela Bok
Fees: $440 (Member)/ $480 (Non-Member)
Sign up as a couple for a cheaper rate
Couple Fees: $780 (Member)/ $880 (Non-Member)
Limited to 24 slots (12 males and 12 females only)
Important clauses to note:
– Course fee does not include costume cost
– Entry to performance is free.
– All costumes design will be determined by the choreographers base on their expertise.
– All participants MUST be available to perform on 3rd August 2019
– Extra training sessions might be arranged depending on the team’s readiness to perform. A token training fee of $10/head/hr will be charged for extra sessions.
Registration and Payment:
Registration is based on first come first serve basis

Watch the previous batches of Student Team performances