Private Class (Special Promotion)

Having a hard time fixing your schedule to join in our existing group classes? Looking for MORE detailed and fine coaching under our experience instructors?

Private classes will be the perfect tonic for you! For the month of February and March, En Motion freed up 8 peak hour slots over Tuesday & Wednesday for booking.

Benefits of Private Classes for Individual students:

  • Learning at a comfortable pace of your own
  • Picking up the dance within a shorter period of time
  • Tailor made syllabus by your assigned instructor based on individual’s objective
  • Detailed coaching and extra attention

Day: Tuesday / Wednesday
Timing: 6-7pm / 7-8pm / 8-9pm / 9-10pm
Rate: $120/hr  (1 pax / 1 couple)

Don’t miss this great opportunity!
Contact us at 91597811 today.