Kizomba-licious at En Motion!

Kizomba is coming to En Motion! We’re delighted to have two International Artistes, Jojo Alfonso & Donna, to kickstart this exciting project with us.


Here’s your opportunity for an Intensive Kizomba week!
Tue 10th July
7.00pm – 10.00pm Kizomba Fundamental Crash Course (Intro)
Fri 13th July
7.00pm – 8.30pm Kizomba  Leading & Following (Beg-Int)
8.30pm – 10.00pm Kizomba Dancing as One (Beg-Int)
Sat 14th July
3.30pm – 5.00pm Kizomba Dips & Tricks (Int)
5.00pm – 6.30pm Kizomba Smooth Partnerwork (Int)
7.00pm – 8.30pm Kizomba Accents & Feel (Int)
8.30pm – 10.00pm Kizomba Let’s Get Creative (Adv)
1 class $35 | 4 classes $119 | 8 classes $199
Jojo started his dance career at an early age with ballroom dancing and has won various International Latin Ballroom competition. He was also trained and certified by Nelson Campos, Director of Kizomba Planet, and has been teaching courses with Nelson Campos in Thailand.
Being one of the pioneers who brought Kizomba to Asia and his influence in the Kizomba fashion dance style, he became known around Asia and has been invited by the international artist to Salsa festival like Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Australia and Myanmar.
Donna is an International Amateur Latin dance competitor, who has 20 years of extensive experience in training children and adults, which includes many dance instructors.
Donna has been trained under visiting World Champion couples and instructors. She firmly believes in building strong dance fundamentals for her students and has unique aptitude for teaching different individuals or groups.