Kids Salsa Program

En Motion is dedicated to the enjoyable task of not only teaching your kids Salsa dance classes, but also to witnessing the development of their mental, physical growth, and personality.

If you’ve been searching for some fun and motivating activities for your children, you can consider Salsa for kids. It doesn’t matter if your child is outgoing or a little shy, Salsa dancing helps with social growth and boosts self-esteem. This is an incredible way to encourage your kids to express themselves creatively too.

Introducing our fun-loving female instructor, Vivi, dedicated to work with your kids. They will definitely enjoy their learning journey in the conducive environment.

Dates: Every Sat 16th, 23rd Feb, 2nd Mar
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Instructors: Vivi
Fees: $70.00

For all the PRETTY MUMMIES, check out our ALL LADIES LATIN dance classes! You can now have the same new hobby as your little ones. Check for more information below.