En Motion Audition Day

Do you have aspiration to be a DANCE PERFORMER? Here’s your chance

En Motion will be conducting Selections for our 3 dance crews – SALSA crew, BACHATA crew and our G.E.M (Girls En Motion) Bachata Ladies project

Minimally current Level 3 students of the respective dance genre (or equivalent level from other studios)

The Selection will be conducted in a form of a class setting and you will be going through the following exercises
15min warm up/Stretching
15min Body and footwork movement
30min Teaching of Routine (partnerwork for Salsa and Bachata / solo for GEM)
30min Showcase in groups of 3 (couples/ladies for GEM)

Dancers who are selected for the crew will have the chance to receive higher level training by our Director and Senior Dancers for a 16 weeks intensive high quality training to do a performance

Sign up for the Selection now! (Limited slots available)

Bachata Crew Selection
Tue 30th Mar
8.00pm – 9.30pm
Gary & Chloe
$30 or E30

16 pax only

Payment to confirm placement

Salsa Crew Selection
Wed, 31st Mar
8.00pm – 9.30pm
Gary & Yeowhui
$30 or E30

16 pax only

Payment to confirm placement

GEM (Bachata Ladies) Selection
Thur, 1st Apr
8.00pm – 9.30pm
Vivi & Limin
$30 or E30

16 pax only

Payment to confirm placement

Additional info

For Selected Dancers

Actual training will be 16 weeks leading to the performance as follow:

Bachata Crew:  Every Tuesday, 6th April – 20th July 2021

Salsa Crew: Every Wednesday, 7th April – 21st July 2021

GEM: 8th: Every Thursday, April – 22nd July 2021

Timing: 7pm – 10pm for first 8 weeks and 8pm – 10pm for subsequence 8 weeks
Total 40 hours

Fees: $790*
*Includes free E180 | 10% off E-dollar package purchase during crew period | 20% off 2nd team if you are joining more than 1 team