Dear En Motion students,

We understand there are some queries from students or members of public on the followings

– Gyms are closed, but are dance studios allowed to operate?
– If dance classes are allowed, is partner dance permissible?

The answer is YES for both questions

Below is an extraction of the email written to us by NAC

“Dear Mr Gary,

…….We would like to reiterate that partner dance is allowed for public classes, but just be mindful that participants should be paired up and there should be no switching of partners. There should also be 3m distance between each pair of dancers…..


National Arts Council

Date: 19th May 2021, 1821hrs “

We hope this clarifies everyone’s doubt. We will also be tracking closely on updates provided by the government agencies and react accordingly.

So we do hope that all our students can work closely together with us and listen to the instructions given by our instructors and staffs to ensure classes are conducted safely and in an orderly manner.
Basic things include:

– Mask ON through out all activities
– Safe distancing between one couple to another couple
– No switching of partners and intermingling between couples
– Sanitizing your hands before and after dancing
– No consumption of drinks and food in the studio (you may do so outside the studio during interval breaks)
– Wait for our staff to call the class in before entering the studio

Seek everyone’s kind cooperation during this unique period of time

Be sure that En Motion will work doubly hard to ensure everyone has a safe and fun environment to dance at.

See you at En Motion


Gary Foo
En Motion Dance School